The Driving Force

Aslan Herring

Aslan Herring


I have been nurturing this casino website since the beginning. We started out as a team of eight people and were reduced to three. Perhaps it was for the best? Perhaps not. But we are here now and we feel no ruefulness towards the past.

Kurt Hinds

Kurt Hinds


We have been incredibly fortunate to have gotten this far already in such a short time being only 3 people from when our original team was first created. We obviously thank our visitors and customers mainly for this.

Brand Manager

Was it the right choice? Maybe, we're still young and relatively small compared to other casino's out there. However. I am surrounded by very talented and educated people. It makes this job worth pursuing.

Mental Health Clinician

The worst sort of experience in a casino is when you've been testing your luck out so much that you become to obsessed with the concept of chance. Addiction is horrible and i make sure to help the people who might fall under that

Clients Heading

Here is a list of clients that we are partnered with.


Jourdain-Still is an online casino that is aiming to provide a diverse list of games that you can bet on. We accept Pounds, Euros and Dollars. We do not accept nordic or other types of currencies. Refer to for that

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